Returning Catholics

Thinking of Coming Back?

God is always calling out to us.  Sometimes, that call can be loud and clear.  At other times it can seem quiet and far away. If you believe God is calling you to come back to the church, be reassured St. Therese is an understanding and welcoming community.  

Why you left can vary from hurt over how you were treated by a church leader, or disagreement with how church teaching was taught or lived out.  Or the parish you left could have simply lost attraction or importance in your life.  If you are  searching for a deeper sense of meaning, for a closer relationship with God, and for a more authentic spiritual identity, give St Therese a try.

In Luke's Gospel, a young man who broke away from his family and lived a life separate from his traditions returns home to be welcomed by his father - no questions asked.  This story is intended to teach that our God will always welcome us back.  God's love is offered to each of us in unimagined quantities.  So if you want to come back, just come.  Join us for Mass.  Be anonymous for a while - if you can!  If you need to talk things through, ask to meet with Fr Maurice or Deacon Greg.  Let us hear your story and tell you ours.  

Come home, the door is open!