"Where are the other nine?"

Jesus has just gotten through blessing ten lepers and sending them to see the priest. On the way, they
realize that they have bee cleansed. Now one was a Samaritan, who knew he would not get a good
reception from a priest in Judea. But instead of just going on his way, he returns to Jesus overcome with
a gratitude which drives him to the ground at Jesus’ feet.

But where are the other nine? Presumably, they showed themselves to the priest as instructed.
Presumably they went on their way. They followed Jesus’ instruction, accepted his gift and felt justified
by it.

I think that Jesus is saying that grace, a gift beyond health and wealth, comes to those with grateful
hearts. The truly blessed are overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of God. It is from gratitude
that Sirach’s blessing comes:

May he grant you joy of heart
and may peace abide among you.

This Thanksgiving, let us thank God for the joy and peace in our hearts.

Dear Lord God,

You alone are the source of every good gift
and the mystery of each human life.
We thank you for creation
and for your tender, faithful love.
Fill our minds with the Gospel of your son Jesus
and fill our hearts with his compassion.
Send your Spirit to grant us wisdom,
that our gratitude may bind us together
into a community of faith and a caring people.

Give us the courage
to express our gratitude first
as we discern how to be good stewards
of the gifts entrusted to us,
that we may do the work for your Kingdom.
In your son’s name we pray,

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