When the Samaritans came to him, they invited him to stay with them; and he stayed there two days.

John 4:40

This is the end of the Woman at the Well story in John. Jesus has met this Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well at noon. She is there because she’s run through five husbands and she’s not married to the sixth man she’s living with; no respectable woman wants to be seen with her, so she is alone in the middle of the day, a risky thing to do. She meets a man at this well and engages in conversation. She might be wondering where this will lead. He is not. 
Jesus talks to her cryptically. Talks about living water, and when he has her confused and combative, he tells her her life story. She is stunned. She gets so excited she puts down her water jug and hurries into town to spread what we now call The Good News. She is possibly the first to do so. Certainly the first to have a story written about her. 
Now something really mysterious happens: the towns people listen!  Why? Why would they bother listening to a woman with a poor reputation who is raving about the Messiah in the heat of the day???  I really do not know but I would offer that there was a great movement of the Spirit that day. It seems to me that the grace of God fell on her and on that town like the dove at the baptism of the Lord. The Spirit so filled that despised woman with the Good News that people listened and suddenly came out to hear for themselves.
It is our mission to do likewise. Hopefully we don’t have the obstacles the she faced but we do need to share the Good News to those with ears to hear. 
We have God’s work to do! Our Social Justice Commission needs members (Trisha Tinsley, https://www.st-therese.cc/73 ). The Stewardship Commission needs people to host the Welcome Counter before and after mass. We need a couple of photographers, and we need help with our Laudato Si’ at St T efforts to care for our grounds. Contact me at jvrussell85@gmail.com if you are interested in these efforts.
If you are giving to St T through automatic transfers, please go onto your phone and download the Pushpay app. When you get to “search for your church” enter “saint therese”. Alternatively you can go to the website and click on Donate Now. Either way, be sure to send a note to Diane Figaro at paa@st-therese.cc so she can discontinue your automatic transfer through our current agent. 


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