“If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you are saying, ‘We see,’ so your sin remains.” Jesus to some Pharisees at the end of the controversy over the Man Born Blind

John 9:41

Once upon a time I was working in another parish sitting with some volunteers as we waited for an event to begin. Somehow idle chatter turned to the Eucharist and I launched into a “What the Eucharist Means to Me” rave. After I shut up, the dearly beloved leader of the group says, “Well, that’s fine but I just want to be told what to do.”

At St. Therese I think there is a tendency to dismiss “list Catholics” as judgmental and shallow. The story of The Man Born Blind in John can certainly be taken to reinforce that bias, at least until we put ourselves in the place of the Pharisees. We always need to reinspect our assertions that “We see”. Questioning our own sight (“examination of conscience") is the only way not to be blind. Fortunately for us, the Ignatian Spirituality Center is a short distance away. More information is available at https://www.ignatiancenter.org/.

As you know, St. Therese has been affected by restrictions imposed on all of us because of the coronavirus. Despite the fact that we cannot gather for Mass, we of course continue to pay the salaries of staff, and our other expenses continue. The Finance Council urges all who can to keep up your Stewardship of Treasure contributions. We understand, of course, if you cannot.

If you are giving through automatic transfers, please go onto your phone and download the Push-Pay app. When you get to “search for your church” enter “saint therese.” Be sure to send a note to Diane Figaro at paa@st-therese.cc so she can discontinue your automatic transfer through our current agent.

Also, in this time of increased difficulty for many individuals and families, your contributions to the work of our St. Vincent de Paul volunteers are more important than ever. Since there can be no Mass collections, we ask that contributions be made online via the SVdP website at svdpseattle.org (specify St. Therese Conference) or mailed to St. Therese Parish (SVdP), 3416 E. Marion St., Seattle, WA 98122.

Thank you for keeping St. Therese in your thoughts and prayers and for helping our SVdP Conference continue to assist our neighbors whose needs are now even greater!


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