"If I find favor with you, O Lord, do come along in our company. This is indeed a stiff-necked people; yet pardon our wickedness and sins, and receive us as your own."

Moses to the Lord, Exodus 34:9

My impression is that the Holy Trinity Sunday is the least favorite homily for pastors. I will join the angels and fear to tread there. So let us look at the first reading, where Moses is pleading with God.

The people have wandered through the wilderness for forty years while the generation has died that feared that an invasion of the promised land would fail. A new generation has received the ten commandments but they turned out to be not a whole lot better than their parents; while Moses is up the mountain receiving God’s word, they cajole Aaron into making an idol. When confronted by Moses, Aaron shifts blame onto the people; being Aaron’s brother perhaps leads Moses to overlook Aaron’s sin. Moses loses his temper and destroys the tablets, the calf and the calf-worshipers.

Some days later, the Lord orders Moses to cut two more tablets. Moses asks the Lord if he can see God’s glory. Moses is denied but the Lord appears as a cloud before which Moses bows to the ground and makes his prayer.

So what does this story say for us today?

First, we need always to pray for the Lord to “come along in our company.” Or rather, we need to ask if we are traveling in God’s. This requires a bit of time, a bit of quiet and an open heart.

Second, we need to acknowledge that we are stiff-necked. Like Aaron we like to shift blame away from ourselves and onto others, citing “social sin”, an evil system and pretty much anything other than ourselves.

The calf arose on its own when Aaron melted the people’s gold trinkets. Think about that! What an image! A false god arising on its own from society’s riches! Jesus never had a problem with people making money or being rich but he warned that wealth would shrink the heart of its possessor. He had a big concern for a miserly heart that refused to share when the need was so painfully obvious.

Today the pain is so so obvious.

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