Stewardship Commission


The purpose of the Stewardship Commission is to assist the parish in promoting stewardship as a way of life among parishioners; to engage in strategic planning, policy development and recommendation in the area of stewardship in response to parish priorities and goals; to ensure education of staff, consultative groups, and parish at large regarding stewardship; to form community committed to stewardship as a way of life, as a witness to the larger parish community.

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When humanity was created, we were tasked with being good stewards of the earth and all her resources. As such, the Stewardship Commission helps us deepen our understanding of our sacred task.  

Our primary focus this year is building up our community and deepening our understanding of God's gifts to us as individuals through the Gallup organization's "StrengthFinders" tool.  If you are interested in exploring your God-given gifts, contact Deacon Greg.

Members are being sought for this commission.

We also have a group of parishioners who care for the gardens of St. Therese. We work one Saturday each month.  Weeds beware!  If you are interested in caring for the earth, contact John Russell.



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