Pastoral Care Resources

Prayer Chain

Members of our parish hold those in need in prayer.  Make a simple call to the parish office and parishioners will hold you and your intentions in prayer.  Anonymity and confidentiality are held sacred by this holy group.  Call 206-325-2711 x210.

Eucharist to the Homebound

Eucharistic Ministers from St. Therese are ready to bring the gift of the Eucharist from our Table to your home.  Whether you are limited to your home for a short while or for a longer periods, you are welcome to the fruit of our table.  Contact Deacon Greg.

Hospital and Home Visits

When you have lost your freedom of travel, it is reassuring to keep in the loop with friends and neighbors.  If you are hospitalized or homebound and are looking for spiritual care and companionship, please call Fr. Maurice at (206) 720-7275.

Anointing of the Sick

Fr. Maurice is more than willing to respond to your spiritual needs in time of illness or stress. Whether in a hospital or in your home, he can bring this nourishing and healing sacrament to you. Just call Father at (206) 720-7275 to make arrangements.  For more information click here.

Mass Intentions

When we gather around the table of sacrifice in prayer we hold those members of our community in prayer, especially in times of pain and sorrow.  If you would or an immediate family member is in need of the prayers of the community, please email Deacon Greg.

Recorded Liturgy of the Word and Homilies

If you cannot attend Mass or would like to listen to the Sunday Liturgy of the Word and homilies again, we have recordings available here.  Listen using your computer or mobile device.

Viaticum or Last Rites

For more information click here.