Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Prepare ye the way of the Lord

Advent Reconcilation Service - December 15 

Renew your appreciation of the Sacrament by joining us in the Jean Moran Hall at Immaculate Concoeption Parish (820 18th Ave) at 9 AM where Fr Jim Northrup will share his thoughts on "Trusting in God’s Loving Mercy.”  The program begins at 9 AM.  A Reconcilation Service will begin at 11:10 in the church.  

Simbang Gabi - December 16 @ Noon

The St Therese community will celebrate the Filipino tradition of Simbang Gabi at our Noon Mass.  

Anointing of the Sick - December 16 @ all Masses

For those of us who are feeling burdened by mental, physical, or spiritual illness, this is an opportunity to receive God's Grace.  At each Mass there will be an opportunity to receive the sacrament of healing.  Please come and bring those you love who need some extra help at this time. 

Be the Light - December 22 @ 5PM

Our Gospels join the heavenly hosts to give praise to our God who brought new light into the world through our Savior's birth and continues to bring hope through lives of mercy and love.  

Christmas Celebrations - December 24

 - 4 PM  Family Mass with Children's Choir @ St Therese 
- 10 PM Vigil Mass with the Immaculate Gospel Choir and St. Therese Spirit choir
            @ Immaculate Conception (820 - 18th Ave )

Christmas Celebrations - December 25

- 9:30 AM Mass @ Immaculate Conception ( 820 18th Ave )
- 11:30 AM Mass with St Therese Gospel Choirs @ St Therese

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